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Parafibromin deficient (HPT-JT type, CDC73-mutated) parathyroid tumors demonstrate distinctive morphological features

American Journal of Surgical Pathology 2019:35-46

Patient 1.  Male 40yo.  Parathyroid weight 0.88g.  Slide 1

Patient 2.  Male 50yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 2

Patient 3.  Female 24yo.  Parathyroid weight 14g.  Slide 3

Patient 4.  Female 58yo.  Parathyroid weight 0.39g.  Slide 4

Patient 5.  Female 15yo.  Parathyroid weight 4g.  Slide 5

Patient 6.  Male 39yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.88g.  Slide 6

Patient 7.  Male 42yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.5g.  Slide 7A, Slide 7B, Slide 7C

Patient 8.  Male 19yo.  Parathyroid weight 4.3g.  Slide 8A, Slide 8B

Patient 9.  Female 16yo.  Parathyroid weight 0.68g.  Slide 9

Patient 10.  Female 33yo.  Parathyroid weight 8g.  Slide 10A, Slide 10B

Patient 11.  Male 59yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.1g.  Slide 11

Patient 12.  Female 32yo.  Parathyroid weight 2.04g.  Slide 12

Patient 13.  Male 15yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.54g.  Slide 13

Patient 14.  Female 18yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.2g.  Slide 14

Patient 15.  Female 27yo.  Parathyroid weight 5.35g.  Slide 15

Patient 16.  Male 50yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.96g.  Slide 16

Patient 17.  Male 27yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.39g tumour 1 slide 17A.  Parathyroid weight 0.48g tumour 2 slide 17B

Patient 18.  Male 55yo.  Parathyroid weight 0.23g.  Slide 18

Patient 19.  Male 22yo.  Parathyroid weight 3.35g.  Slide 19

Patient 20.  Male 27yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 20

Patient 21.  Male 60yo.  Parathyroid weight 3.46g.  Slide 21

Patient 22.  Female 50yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 22A, Slide 22B

Patient 23.  Male 39yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 23

Patient 24.  Male 40yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.23g.  Slide 24

Patient 25.  Female 53yo.  Parathyroid weight 0.7g.  Slide 25

Patient 26.  Male 20yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 26

Patient 27.  Female 59yo.  Parathyroid weight 3.7g.  Slide 27A, Slide 27B

Patient 28.  Female 21yo.  Parathyroid weight 1g.  Slide 28

Patient 29.  Male 38yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 29

Patient 30.  Female 50yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 30

Patient 31.  Female 32yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 31A, Slide 31B

Patient 32.  Male 42yo.  Parathyroid weight 5.02g.  Slide 32

Patient 33.  Male 18 yo.  Parathyroid weight 4.3g.  Slide 33

Patient 34.  Female 74yo.  Parathyroid weight not recorded.  Slide 34

Patient 35.  20yo. Parathyroid weight 8.5g.  Slide 35

Patient 36.  Male 33yo.  Parathyroid weight 2.3g.  Slide 36

Patient 37.  Female 29yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.7g.  Slide 37

Patient 38.  Female 26yo.  Parathyroid weight 1.8g.  Slide 38

Patient 39.  Female 39yo.  Parathyroid weight 2.56g.  Slide 39A  Slide 39B  Slide 39C

Patient 40.  Female 19yo.  Parathyroid weight 4.06g.  Slide 40

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